Our favorite photos are always the ones that show the subject's personality; therefore my ultimate goal is to capture and convey who you really are (and your family, pets, significant other, etc.), hopefully in an environment where you would be found in real life.

That's why a session with me takes place at a location of your choice - maybe your home, favorite park, or a fun part of town. Wherever you feel comfortable is best, because it will show. We'll spend lots of time talking and I'll probably tell a few (okay, a lot of) bad jokes. I apologize in advance.

I am a natural-light and I shoot a variety of posed and photojournalistic styles. Which means if you want to get all Kim K on me, or just hang out playing with your puppy, it's aaaallll good.

I am incredibly grateful for each client who chooses me, so I work very hard to make this a seamless, rewarding, easy and FUN process. Getting portraits done should never be painful!