Melissa, Brandon & Ruby Jane

R Family Whittier College Family & Pet Photography by Ellingsen Photography
They are absolutely, positively stunning. :) Thank you so, so much. I just keep going back and looking at them again and again.

Nancy & Kris

Ellingsen Photography Nancy and Kris Santa Barbara Wedding
Being captured by you was so beautiful, I felt nothing short of it. I want to tie a pretty bow around it and treasure it forever.

Lindsey & Josh

Los Angeles Arboretum Wedding Ellingsen Photography
Thank you so much for the gift of sharing the stunning photos you took at our wedding! You surpassed our expectations times a billion...seriously! Thank you again, it means so much to us to have these memories so beautifully preserved for us to enjoy forever.

Sarah & Jim

Ellingsen Photography Sarah Jim San Diego Courthouse Wedding
I was the happiest bride ever! Thank you Trude! The pictures are amazing and you were the best Photographer / Maid of Honor / Best (Wo)Man / Wedding Coordinator / Friend that Jim and I could have ever hoped for.