What's In My Bag

Ellingsen Photography Whats in My Epiphanie Lola Bag
So I’ve had this wonderful Epiphanie camera bag/purse since my BFF gifted it to me for my birthday last fall, and I now realize that even if she hadn’t been so generous, I would have had to get it for myself. Because seriously, this bag does it all! I have the Lola model, and she is a miracle – not just when it comes to feminine camera bags, but purses in general! I carry a TON of stuff and somehow, the way the straps are done, you’d never know how much it actually weighs. :)

Since it arrived I’ve been carrying it nearly nonstop as my everyday purse, especially as I was still doing Project 365 last year and wanted my camera with me all the time. Before that I would wrap it up in a scarf and throw it into my bag! Not the greatest idea, but what can a girl do when (until recently) camera bags were just pretty fugly? And designed by men, for men.

But I digress! Pictured above is my usual organization (I’m one of those people who always keeps things in the same arrangement so I’m never searching). I love that the inside “walls” are Velcroed in, so you can rearrange to suit your needs! Plus the light purple color means you can see things better.

Below is (nearly) everything that I typically carry – besides the camera body, of course!

Ellingsen Photography Whats in My Epiphanie Bag

  1. Β Checks, random business cards and receipts, my lovely coffee cup sleeve (looks like the Etsy shop I got it from doesn’t sell them anymore, boo).
  2. Miscellaneous pens and my trusty Tide stain stick, which totally saved me last week when I let slip some Coke right down my dress.
  3. Trident! Always Trident!
  4. Tmax film, waiting to be dropped off.
  5. Moo business cards inside their awesome hard case.
  6. Aveda Hand Relief, the best hand lotion evah.
  7. Korres Lip Butter Glaze. Not sure if I’ll be getting this again, as it doesn’t moisturize nearly as well as I would expect from them.
  8. Pill case, naturally. It’s the Mad Hatter asking if you would like meds or madness. I typically choose the former. ;)
  9. More lip glosses. What, as if I would have just one? These are Fresh Sugar gloss in Sugar Cherry and Aveda Lip Glaze in Mango Juice.
  10. My treasured 50mm f/1.4 lens. This is what’s typically on my camera, I normally don’t even bother carrying my zoom.
  11. Spare CF card.
  12. Keys – the duck is also a wee flashlight. That quacks. Often while it’s still in my bag.
  13. Inhaler, because no true geek girl would be caught without one.
  14. Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix. Okay, so I MIGHT have an addiction.
  15. Ancient wallet from TJ Maxx.
  16. Lens cloth. Although I tend to use it more on my glasses than my lenses.
  17. Car keys, with Lego Yoda to guide me.
  18. Mac Studio Fix.
  19. My trusty oil blotters. I’ll leave the powder at home before these!
  20. Of course, the iPhone. I went with a plain white case to keep it looking as Storm Trooper-y as possible.

And yes, this really does all fit in there! So share with the class – what won’t you leave home without?