What A Weekend

Ellingsen Photography Weekend Instagrams August 2011

I’m fighting sandy sleepy eyes today, but it’s a good sleepy when I think about how much Nikki and I got done this weekend.

Friday night we officially became hetero life partners (or HLP, if you prefer) when I renewed my Costco membership and added her to my account. Mindy was there to throw confetti and clap.  :)  We loaded up on a ton of dry goods and stashed them in the pantry at the condo so we’d be sure to have TP and cleaning products on Move-In Day. Half of Saturday was spent chasing down an ever-elusive matching curtain panel (similar to these) to match the one we found at Kohl’s for just $12 thanks to sales and coupons (down from $50!), and no thanks to their Customer Service department. Luckily Nikki tracked one down that night. The rest of the afternoon we cleaned out the kitchen cabinets, pulling up old liners and scrubbing them down.

Sunday I checked a bunch of errands off my list, thanks to the help of my mom and Sarah. We went and picked up sheer curtains and hanging wire for my closet, organizing bins for said closet shelves (I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to get away with no dresser), and batting for my padded headboard project…which I also need to complete this week. Where did the time go? We also unsuccessfully searched for a bedskirt (how can a Home Goods not have any in stock at all?!). Happily for my wee budget, everything I purchased was on sale except for the Ikea curtains and hanging wire, but they’re so darn cheap to begin with I’m still happy.

After that it was time for a movie date with my dad (he was cashing in on his birthday present). We saw Cowboys and Aliens, and it. was. awesome. Highly recommended! And I spent the evening boxing up all my books and sorting all my clothes. Good lord, I’ll be getting rid of a lot! Buffalo Exchange, here I come! Mama needs new bedside reading lamps.

Suffice it to say this week the blog will be pretty quiet while I get my butt in gear. T-minus five days until the Big Move! Hope you guys all had a great weekend too!