Weekend Recovery

Happy Monday/Tuesday everybody! Hope you had an awesome long weekend, for those of you in the States. Mine was jam-packed crazy and I have no shame in saying I’ll be going to bed tonight. :) I’m still working on processing the hundreds of photos I took, but I did grab some quick Instagrams (surprise).

  •  My lovely new external hard drive arrived Friday – 1 TB of raw nerdy sexiness! It’s blazing fast.
  • Feeling the green for my latest polish endeavor
  • The Candy Basket in Julian – pure heaven!
  • No visit to a historic gold rush town is complete without some antique-ing
  • Chopping up asparagus for our joint Mothers & Fathers Day BBQ yesterday
  • A near miss – Potter was oddly determined to sample the asparagus!

So what did you guys get up to? Relaxation or lots of BBQs?