The Horsewoman

By the time my mom and her parents left Egypt in 1980, they had completely fallen in love with Arabian horses. My mom had been training and competing (and kicking butt!) in dressage and jumping, and they found it impossible to part with their favorites (like Kaood, below) when they went home to Connecticut.
Barbara Johanson Arabian Horse Dressage Photography

After my grandparents returned to the States once and for all (they had lived in Iceland, Norway and Cairo, as well as all over the US), they retired to a farm outside Wichita and spent years breeding champion horses. When he passed in 1991 and she followed in 1999, my mom and her siblings made sure that the descendants went to good homes.

There’s no doubt Arabians are gorgeous creatures, and I love seeing this part of my mother’s life. She’s hung quite a few of my grandmother’s prints around the house as well as some of the horse’s bloodline charts with their beautiful Arabic lettering. (I’ll definitely share more of her photography in the near future, seeing as she’s my inspiration.) I’m hoping my mom might part with one of those prints, or let me have a good copy made for my new place. :)

When I was a kid my sport of choice turned out to be soccer, but I’d love it if one of my future children felt the pull of horsemanship someday. I think it would feel really familiar, despite the fact that I’ve only been on a horse a handful of times in my life.

What about you guys? Did you ever ride horses or have someone in the family that did?