The Dog Park

Ellingsen Photography Fullerton Dog Park Instagram
Our local dog park is a really fantastic way to spend an afternoon. We’re so lucky to be nearby, because it’s the best one in north Orange County! And I may be biased, but I think it’s a big indicator of what a great city Fullerton is (says the new resident). There’s actually three parts to this dog park – one that’s all bark pieces instead of grass, one for small dogs and one for larger dogs. They have plenty of benches and shade for the owners, as well as trees and big rocks for the dogs to climb all over.

My mom and I always say it’s a great alternative treatment for high blood pressure, because you can’t help but smile at all the happy faces of the dogs at play! I also love chatting with the other owners and seeing familiar faces. Since my move I’ve been there on several Sunday afternoons and I think I’m going to make a habit of it, because there’s always plenty of other dogs for Dante to play with and it’s a great way to unwind before Monday hits. :) Plus he always sleeps better afterwards!

While the park is technically city property, there’s a fantastic organization called the Fullerton Dog Park Foundation that runs it and regularly organizes fundraising events. In fact, Dante and I (and Sarah and Anja) will be participating in their fourth annual Pooch Walk this Saturday. It’s going to be so much fun! With any luck Nikki will go with me so I can actually get some photos (trying to shoot while walking your dog is akin to trying to shoot while holding a baby).

And I’m thinking we might make it an extra awesome day by taking the pups with us to brunch afterwards at the Brownstone Cafe, where they welcome dogs at their gorgeous courtyard patio seating. (Friendly tip: don’t leave without trying their tomato basil bisque. It’s what they’re known for, and for good reason!)

So where my fellow dog park lovers at? Do you switch it up with walks? I like to do both with Dante so he gets the social interaction and I get some exercise too. ;)