This was just a quickie session, out on the front porch of my parents’ home while Auntie Elissa was visiting. Lucky for me she and my mom crack each other up, so all I really needed to do was put them in good light and click-click-click. :)

Ellingsen Photography Grown Up Sisters Portraits Orange County
Ellingsen Photography Grown Up Sisters Portraits Orange County (5)
Ellingsen Photography Grown Up Sisters Portraits Orange County (2)

This is Elissa’s classic “I just said something witty/inappropriate” expression.

Ellingsen Photography Grown Up Sisters Portraits Orange County (4)
Ellingsen Photography Grown Up Sisters Portraits Orange County (3)

My mom and aunt surpassed sisterhood a long time ago and, somewhere along the line, became best friends. I love capturing their relationship! Makes me get a twinge of wistfulness that I don’t have a sister of my own, but then I just think about Nikki and Mindy and Nancy and Katie and Melissa...and I realize I haven’t missed out on much at all. I’m incredibly, incredibly lucky.

Miss you Auntie Princess!


Catching Up

Well, that was a fun three-day stomach flu bender! No really, the weight loss was totally worth it! :) I keed, I keed. I’m finally back to normal after the worst stomach flu of my LIFE, and playing catch up is the name of the game.
So without further adieu, first is a sneak peek from a lovely session that I photographed last Sunday, which included two kiddos, two dogs and two cats!

Ellingsen Photography Family Long Beach Los Angeles Pets Kids Petography

So stinkin’ adorable. I had so much fun with them, can’t wait to share the rest!

I also mentioned that my auntie was in town, and she leaves this morning – major sad face! So last weekend was a whirl of birthday dinners, shopping excursions, coffee breaks and gourmet cooking. Elissa’s food is amazing and I’m so glad I was around to partake in the deliciousness that is her shrimp and filet mignon dinner:

Ellingsen Photography Shrimp Steak Dinner

Mmm yes. She also made grilled pork chops Sunday night but we gobbled those down too quickly to photograph.

And last night I made her and my mom sit for a few sister photos before she left. Luckily they’re good at cracking themselves up and all I have to do is press the shutter.

Ellingsen Photography Grown Up Sisters Portraits Orange County

So what did I miss? What’s new with you guys? I’m thinking a quiet weekend is in order, with maybe a quick trip out to the shelter.


Siblings & Cake

Ellingsen Photography Trude and Her Tall Brothers

Both my brothers are younger than me, but I’ve been the shortest one for at least ten years. I’ve just about come to grips with that. And yes, we totally coordinated our shirts…ha.

My dad graciously snapped this for me back in June when we got together to celebrate Lars (the one on the left) and his girlfriend Sarah’s birthdays – they’re a day apart (say it with me now: Awwwwww). Love how they’re obediently smiling because mom and I held dinner hostage until we got a few photos together! :)

We all sat down to enjoy an amazing spaghetti dinner followed by icebox cake that my mom made using her mother’s recipe. Soooooo goooooood.

Ellingsen Photography Icebox Cake

You guys, this cake is a total deceptacon. It looks all light and fluffy and delicious so you cut yourself a regular piece, and then you’ve overcome by the dense cream halfway through and no one sitting at the table can finish what’s on their plate! So don’t come back here and say I didn’t warn you. (You can find a great recipe for icebox cake over at Smitten Kitchen.)

A totally random post from your friendly neighborhood photographer. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. I’m closely following the news this morning that there was a bombing in Oslo. The Guardian seems to have the best updated news right now. So disturbing. My heart goes out to my motherland.