10 Things

It’s all about fall around here! This is truly my favorite time of year, I feel so rejuvenated compared to August and September! So naturally the things making me happy right now pretty much fall into that “autumn” category. :) (Heh, no pun intended, honest.)

1. The Ember candle from Pier 1. As soon as I smelled this candle, I knew I had to have it. I might even go back and stock up on a few more, that’s how much I love the scent. It’s the perfect fall blend! A lot of smells irritate me (especially when I have a migraine), so when I find one I like I have to pounce. I’ve had it burning almost every night!

2. Vampire pumpkins.Rawr! You guys, I actually made something I saw on Pinterest! I found these via my friend Melissa on Pinterest. The original tutorial is from Martha Stewart. Super easy and oh so cute! We just substituted glittery circle stickers from the scrapbooking aisle for red map tacks. (This one pictured is Mindy’s…mine didn’t turn out half as cute.)

Ellingsen Photography Vampire Pumpkin Toothy Fall Mantel

3. My new macro lens filters. As you might have seen on Friday, they’re just so much fun to play with!

Ellingsen Photography Dante Eye Macro Petography

4. Gettin’ crafty. Mindy has been helping me (in fact, that was her birthday present for me – stocking up on supplies for a couple projects) and it’s been so fun! If you had told me a year ago that I would have been doing stuff like this I would have laughed in your face. But now I love it. Witness: my completed felt leaf garland, made with help from Mindy and from this tutorial and template by Jessica Peck, and inspired by Elsie’s super cute version from 2008.

Ellingsen Photography Felt Leaf Garland Fall Mantel

In retrospect, I should’ve done smaller stitches, but you live and you learn, right? Next project is a yarn wreath kinda like this one from Decor Chick!

5. Jamba Juice gift cards from friends. Because it allows me to feed my White Gummi Bear addiction. (Thanks, Dale!)

6. These Celine platforms, as photographed by Garance Dore.

Celine Shoes Photographed by Garance Dore

Be still my heart! A girl can dream, right?

7. This quote. Can I get an AMEN?!

Einstein Art Print by Tracie Andrews

The print is by Tracie Andrews and available for just $15 for an 8×10!

8. This photo of Nancy and I at the Design*Sponge book signing a few weeks ago. With both of us being photogs we rarely get photos together, so this one is a keeper! You can just barely see where we signed the chalkboard in the top right corner.

So thankful they had Rachel Thurston there doing the photos (who was super sweet!) and Bash, Please did the backdrop.

9. This article on Felicia Day in Paste Magazine. Everyone agrees she’s a geek girl hero, but I think she should be considered a role model for women everywhere. I’ve seen her interviewed live too (for the Nerdist podcast) and the woman is just so darn well spoken and driven. She’s really made it in a man’s world, on her own terms, and I’m so inspired every time she opens her mouth – or posts to her blog.

10. Finally hanging some things on the wall. Big thanks to my mama for coming over last night and helping us! +5 bonus points for making screw and hammer innuendo jokes all night.

So what’s floating your boat lately, friends? Share!