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SBACC Adoptables :: Barbara

When I went to blog about this month’s group of awesome adoptable dogs, Barbara had found a home, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. So heeeeere’s Barbara! :)

She’s a gorgeous shepherd mix – just look at that smile! She’s very chill and playful, and they tell me she’s great on leash on her walks too.

She was too funny, just hopped right up on the bench next to Sarah and started snuggling. Then when she found a squeaker toy it was all over. ;)

For all those shepherd lovers, Barbara is probably the perfect fit. I’m sure she’ll find a home soon!


SBACC Adoptables :: February

While Sarah and I were hard at work at the shelter last weekend, we had the pleasure of seeing not one, but two dogs from the shelter go home with their new families! (Eddie and Jake, from our last trip.) Needless to say we were working with even bigger smiles than usual.  :)

Speaking of bigger than usual, mister Brewser here is a Saint Bernard mix who has lots of puppy energy but was also great at mugging for the camera.

And then there’s Diesel. Whose eyes are like those spiral hypnotic joke glasses – because honestly, I couldn’t stop looking at him! If you’re looking for a Husky, don’t wait to go see him because with his calm demeanor he won’t be at the shelter much longer!

Is it wrong that I just want to bury my face in his fur? I don’t even care how much it would make me sneeze.

Pretty shepherd mix Jasmine was a bit shy with us at first, but she warmed up to Sarah pretty quickly and it turns out she thinks she’s a lap dog. Which I’m all for, no matter what size they are!

Speaking of dogs who think they fit in your lap, meet Jackson. He’s super friendly and playful, and good with cats too!

Jessie is kind of the matriarch of the bunch at nine years old, and Sarah and I just loved how calm and gentle she was with us – I can easily picture her adopting the kids of any family as her own and tolerating all sorts of toddler abuse. (Like Linus the Boxer and his family.)

I just love seeing dogs that have that two-tone caramel coloring, so I was a very happy girl working with sweet Lizzie, a Manchester terrier. You’d never know she came in with a case of mange – she’s recovered beautifully!

London is a super cute Fox Terrier mix, and still a puppy. But I have my fingers crossed that those ears keep growing with her!

London’s roomie is Roscoe, who, in case you were wondering, is proof that Doxie + Corgi = adorable. He’s only ten months and such a sweetie! Also: floppy ears.

And then we have Thelma and Louise. These two are too bonded to be adopted separately, but who would want to split up a pair like this? Quick – somebody find a pint-size convertible for them to ride around in!

Until next time…