rose colored glasses

Rose Colored Glasses Dinner Party

Ellingsen Photography Rose Colored Glasses Dinner Party

Last Thursday I had the stomach-bursting pleasure of being asked to a Rose Colored Glasses-themed dinner party thrown by Mindy and her friend Lindsey. I’d met Lindsey a few times before, by day she’s the gelato chef at Dolce Gelato in Laguna Beach. Basically her job is to create new flavors every week based on a monthly theme. So cool, right? Having been to one of Dolce’s tasting nights before, I knew any food endeavor she was involved in could only result in deliciousness.

Luckily, they proved me right and so much more…

Ellingsen Photography Rose Colored Glasses Dinner Party-Table Setting

We had a total of seven courses, including dessert and an intermezzo, and thanks to Lindsey’s mom the sommelier there were six amazing wines to go along with the meal. Unfortunately wine is a major migraine trigger for me, so I just sampled a few, but I can assure you they went perfectly with each course!

Each course either had roses or some kind of flowering plant as an ingredient – I felt like I was a judge on Iron Chef or something! Can you believe she didn’t work off any recipes? She’s one of those people that can just put dishes together – I try not to hate her.

First up, Turkish apricots topped with chopped almonds and rose whipped cream and honey:

Ellingsen Photography Rose Colored Glasses Dinner Party-Apricots

No joke, I had to stop myself from licking my fingers! And you’ll note the cocktails even had ice cubes with rose petals frozen in them. So cute!

Then we had what I think she called Tomato Tartar – pastry with caramelized tomatoes and fresh basil with balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

Ellingsen Photography Rose Colored Glasses Dinner Party-Pastry

The mix of sweetness and vinegar was just sublime. Seriously, I’m having trouble coming up with synonyms for “freaking awesome” here.

Next up – wild flower and arugala salad with chopped figs and tangerine vinaigrette:

Ellingsen Photography Rose Colored Glasses Dinner Party-Salad

Here’s Katie with her rose colored glasses and pretty reflected tea lights:

Ellingsen Photography Rose Colored Glasses Dinner Party-Katie's Cocktail

After this my brain pretty much lost it’s ability to function (and the sun set). So I put down my camera and tucked into the rest of the meal! The remaining courses were:

  • Hibiscus sorbet (intermezzo)
  • Romano and parmesan tortellini with pears in a brown butter and sage sauce (I died after this plate)
  • Braised lamb with cherries and fennel (I was resurrected in time to eat this, though)
  • Gelato dessert, of course! One scoop each of lavender honey cream and strawberry lavender
Ellingsen Photography Rose Colored Glasses Dinner Party-Candlelight Wine Glasses

At this point we guests agreed that it was definitively the best meal we’d ever had, and that we couldn’t possibly eat anything more. But then Lindsey mentioned she had about 20 different varieties of gelato in her freezer that she’d been testing for the shop, and somehow we magically found room, grabbed some spoons and began passing them around the table. :)

What a fantastic night! Thanks again Mindy and Lindsey – for the food and favors!