rhodesian ridgeback

One Year Ago

One year ago this week, we were celebrating my brother’s 25th birthday:

Ellingsen Photography Eirik Birthday Brother Family

This year my awesome auntie Elissa (mom’s sister) is in town for a conference, so we’re waiting ‘til Friday to celebrate when she’s all done with work and can come and play!

Also, one year ago Anja was still a teeny tiny puppy and loved to chew on sticks:

Ellingsen Photography Anja Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy Fall Leaves

Say it with me now: AWWWWW!

Now she’s a big girl who still loves to chew on sticks. :)

What were you doing a year ago? How have things changed for you?


Mother's & Father's Day BBQ

Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Whole Family

On Memorial Day my family went a little rogue and decided to have a joint Mothers-and-Fathers Day celebration. (Really, it was the only day that we all had free!) We kids BBQ’d up a storm – rum shrimp, burgers, salad, fried zucchini, corn on the cob, fruit salad, the works. It was sooooo good. I really didn’t get any prep photos since we were trying to get so many dishes out at the same time, but at least I managed to capture the end results…sort of.

Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Table

The flies were lovin’ our burgers so we got out mom’s latest find of pop-up tabletop screens. So handy, right?

The shrimp are super easy to do, just boil down the rum glaze beforehand and grill ‘em for a few minutes. If you want the recipe just let me know!

Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Grilled Rum Shrimp

The roses are fresh out of the garden, they’re my dad’s specialty.

Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Roses
Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Mom and Roses

Dante just loooves his Uncle Eirik. Maybe because he’s the only one who hasn’t sat on him when he was under his blankie.

Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Eirik Dante

Anja got a little hot running around with Sprocket and Dante.

Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Anja Rhodesian Ridgeback

My plate, sans cheeseburger. What? I don’t like my food to touch unnecessarily.

Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Plate

My poor family, the “I’m just testing my settings” trick gets them every time. (Except for Lars, apparently.) Love how Eirik has both dogs in his lap at once. :)

Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Family Unawares

Since each kid has a dog now, once we’ve finished eating it’s all about the lap snuggles…and begging.

Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Sprocket
Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Anja Lars

Anja – the sixty pound lap dog. For an “awww” moment, here’s how wee she was when they first brought her home.

Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Anja Sarah

Ewww parental unit kissing!!

Ellingsen Photography Family Summer BBQ-Dad

Stay tuned for more dog jumping photos, this time with their super dog capes! I’ll be back with those…eventually. Anybody else’s summer just filling up and flying by? I can’t believe it’s mid June already!


Evening Walk

Ellingsen Photography Summer Evening Family Dog Walk

As much as I hate the heat, I do so love the gorgeous late afternoon light in the summer. So I grabbed my camera when hell froze over and we all took a walk around the neighborhood together. It helps that my dad has been ordered to walk daily as part of his post-surgery regimen. :)

Ellingsen Photography Summer Evening Family Dog Walk Shadows

The people in my parent’s neighborhood take such pride in their homes, we’re always admiring somebody’s door or flowers or lighting.

Ellingsen Photography Summer Evening Family Dog Walk
Ellingsen Photography Summer Evening Family Dog Walk Flowers

Anja has grown so much, she’s so much better on leash – except when she decides to cross in front of whoever’s walking her to smell something. Lars and Sarah have gotten good at staying upright when that happens. :)

Ellingsen Photography Summer Evening Family Dog Walk Anja Sits
Ellingsen Photography Summer Evening Family Dog Walk Anja Sits

I feel more relaxed just looking at these photos. Hope you feel the same!