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My baby brother is getting married in a month to his love of ten years, on their ten year anniversary (!!) and I couldn't be more excited for them. Getting to know Sarah over the years and watching them grow together has been wonderful. I don't know many couples who survived the many changes that happen to you after high school and throughout your twenties, but they've successfully navigated them together and came out stronger. 

Plus, I'm selfishly thrilled to be gaining my second sister in 6 months. :)

Please to enjoy these photos taken around Fullerton one gorgeous afternoon when I was visiting last fall.

I can't wait to witness, photograph and celebrate their union next month! So much excite!


My Lovely Godparents

When my parents were first married, they moved into an apartment in a turn of the century building in Bergen. Just one floor up (or was it down?) lived Ross and Lidvor, an incredibly charming and witty couple who were also mixed – as in, one Norwegian, one not (Ross is Scottish). They immediately bonded and by the time I was born, Ross and Lidvor were asked to be my godparents, and later for my brother as well. They’ve truly become family and we always look forward to seeing them, whether it’s when we go back to Norway or when they come to visit us here in California.

This summer it was the latter, and when they visited last month we decided on one particularly hot day to take them to the Fullerton Arboretum. It was so hot we were sweating just standing still, so we stayed less than an hour, but at least we managed to convince Ross to sit for a few photos (figures, the man who is a former AP photographer hates to have his portrait done). He’s dealt with several health issues in recent years, but he’s doing so much better and that old quick wit and evil glint in his eye were clearly visible. :)

Ellingsen Photography Godparents Portraits at the Fullerton Arboretum

Naturally, when you ask for a smile you get a snarl. In a lovable kind of way. Must be the Scot in him. :)

Ellingsen Photography Godparents Portraits at the Fullerton Arboretum

These two are just the most wonderful people. The stories they tell! Next time I’ll be sure to have a video camera with me.

While the boys wandered off, mom and I snuck in a few with Lidvor too.

Ellingsen Photography Friends Portraits at the Fullerton Arboretum
Ellingsen Photography Friends Portraits at the Fullerton Arboretum

And I totally planned our outfits to coordinate too. ;)

What about you guys? Did you grow up with family friends that were as close as family?

Tonight I find out if Dante needs surgery or not, wish us luck…


The Glowin Family

As previously mentioned, I spent Easter with my BFF’s family while my parents were off celebrating their 30th anniversary. So I knew this was my chance to get some new photos while they were all together! Grandma Glowin wasn’t going to evade me this time!