Proud Mama

Ellingsen Photography Dante at the Pet Expo

I’m having a huge “proud mama” moment right now, after seeing Dante meet and greet with about, oh, two hundred people or so at the Pet Expo that we worked yesterday. I’ve taken him to parties and charity walks and other such gatherings with lots of people, but never this kind of setting where everyone came to us and we had to be social the entire time. As we made our way to the IGCA booth (in one of the giant buildings at the fairgrounds with a ton of other exhibitors and rescue organizations) he was a bit freaked out by the crowds and really clung to me when I picked him up to keep him from getting trampled. But once we got to our booth, where he could be off leash and play with the other Italian Greyhounds, he was back to his normal social self.

They had a little low fence between our table and the next so that people could easily come up and see the dogs, and Dante was right there, with his tail wagging, nearly the entire time. Everyone that came by was so sweet and just loved petting him and getting kisses. The only weird moment for me was when one woman picked him up while my head was turned, before I could stop her! Hey lady, if it’s not acceptable to go around picking up stranger’s children…

At any rate, it was wonderful to be able to chat with other IG parents and see Dante play, and to help the organization spread awareness about the breed. I wound up talking to a lot of young couples and families, and I hope I helped them decide on their future pet! The Expo was insanely packed, which is great, but it also meant I just barely had time to snap the photo on the left with my phone, and that was about it.

Dante was asleep by the time I pulled out of the parking lot (see the photo above), and my cheeks hurt from smiling, but I think we both went to bed feeling pretty great. Looking forward to next year!


2011 Favorites

It’s been one heckuva year, my friends. Breakups, makeups, new homes, new friends, new jobs, surgeries, vacations, and all the ups and downs a year can bring. In a word, it’s been amazing. Maybe I’m just a glass-half-full kind of person, but I’m always confident the next year will be even more amazing! (Plus, history has proven this to be the case thus far.) So cheers, friends, and thank you so much for all your comments and love throughout the year. They truly mean so much to me. Only people who haven’t experienced it try and make you feel like internet friends don’t matter.
So here’s some select favorites from each month. Hope you’ll link me to a few of your favorites too!


Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Kaya

The adorable Kaya was adopted from the shelter soon after I shot this – anyone surprised?

Ellingsen Photography Mission San Juan Capistrano Pond Flower

Mission San Juan Capistrano is a place every local should visit at least once. It’s absolutely beautiful, and so peaceful.


Ellingsen Photography Placentia Dog Photography Rhodesian Ridgeback

Sweet Anja, with Lars and Sarah’s silhouettes reflected in her eyes.

Ellingsen Photography Dad's Hand in the Hospital

My dad’s hand after his back surgery – he was feeling so good from the meds that he wanted me to make sure to point out how his finger glows like ET’s. :)

Ellingsen Photography What Mindy Wore-Oscar Party

What Mindy wore to our Oscar viewing party. So perfectly her.


Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Willow

Sweet Willow, a lab mix at the shelter who had the most unusual grey-brown coloring I’ve ever seen!

Ellingsen Photography Sweet Sprocket

My brother’s adorable pup Sprocket – it’s like he’s looking into my soul, man.


Ellingsen Photography Pearl Wedding Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

Ellingsen Photography Dog Jumping Bewildered

Dante’s bewildered expression while jumping. This one is framed on my wall!

Ellingsen Photography Grandma Glowin Dancing

Dancing with Grandma Glowin. Will always love this image.


Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Grayson

Gorgeous Grayson was the first Blue-Nosed Pit I’d met, and he was so calm and friendly – while still a puppy!

Ellingsen Photography Anja First Birthday Rhodesian Ridgeback

Anja celebrated her first birthday in style.


Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Laverne

You guys know that floppy ears are my kryptonite, so Laverne had me wrapped around her little finger paw!

Ellingsen Photography Cat Home Pet Portraits Orange County

This picture of Potter, aka The Brain, just slays me. So evil!


Ellingsen Photography Placentia Wedding Backyard Orange County

Ellingsen Photography Placentia Wedding Backyard Orange County

Erin and Chris got married! Seriously one of the sweetest backyard weddings, ever. See Part I and Part II.

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Gracie

We all wanted to take Gracie home with us. I really hope she gets cast in a movie or something, she’s so picture perfect!


Ellingsen Photography Homemade Pizza Ingredients

There’s nothing like making your own personal pizza from scratch with fresh ingredients from the garden!

Ellingsen Photography New Home Sneak Peek-7

The mayhem of moving into the house took up most of the month. But Dante enjoyed the new carpet and I enjoyed the pretty light in my new bedroom!


Ellingsen Photography Family Long Beach Los Angeles Petography

I got to spend an afternoon with the lovely Chela and John and their kiddos (both furry and human).

Ellingsen Photography Mom and Eirik Family Photography Orange County

When we got together to celebrate my mom’s birthday, I was able to capture one of my all-time favorite family portraits.

Ellingsen Photography Sisters Orange County

My Auntie Elissa visited at the end of the month and requested a few photos with my mama. This one still makes me smile.


Ellingsen Photography Dante Italian Greyhound Petography Orange County

Did I mention before how pretty the afternoon light is in my bedroom? I did? Well, then, here’s further proof.

Ellingsen Photography Cheryls Visit-11

Cheryl visited at the end of the month (her birthday is just before Halloween) and brought the sunshine with her.


Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Prancer

I gotta admit, Prancer kinda stole my heart. Maybe because his little face reminds me of Dante?

Ellingsen Photography Family Thanksgiving 2011-5

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and I’m so glad Bill and Lesley asked for some photos. They’re just so wonderful together!

Ellingsen Photography Couple Dog Beach Huntington Rhodesian Ridgeback

We spent Black Friday at the dog beach, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.


Ellingsen Photography Day Trippin' Downtown Los Angeles Christmas (2)

I still haven’t gotten through everything from this month, but this one is an immediate standout. Nancy and I went up to downtown LA last week for an amazing day. Love how the reflection of the tree frames her face. I really need to consider my posture more, huh?

Ellingsen Photography Friends Christmas Crazy Girls

It counts if I used a remote to shoot the photo, right? Because I’m still not over how perfectly this turned out. My friends are the best.

If you’re still with me, THANK YOU and have a wonderful New Years!!


One Year Ago :: Super Dogs!

Ellingsen Photography Halloween Dog Costume Capes

Last Halloween my mom and Sarah got all crafty and made superhero capes for the dogs, complete with their initials in felt. Aren’t they so stinkin’ cute? We tried Anja’s on her a few months ago and it only comes about halfway down her back. She’s grown so much! (She was just shy of six months old then.)

Ellingsen Photography Halloween Dog Costume Capes (2)

These are also bittersweet because Mr. Ted E. Bear, the family shih tzu that was once my grandmother’s, passed in January. You are missed, sweet boy!

Ellingsen Photography Halloween Dog Costume Capes (3)

So at least I don’t have to worry about a Halloween costume for Dante this year. :) If anyone is interested in details on how these were made, let me know and I’ll have Sarah give me some details to share!