Day Trippin' :: Julian

So I’ve already mentioned how we stopped at San Pasqual Battlefield on the way to Julian over Memorial Day weekend. There, the weather was perfect. Scattered clouds, a good breeze, somewhere around 60 degrees. If only we could have taken that weather with us! But as we continued to drive up into the high hills (Julian is at around 4,000 feet), little did we realize how cold it was getting. By the time we got out of the car in Julian, the wind was whipping around us and the temperature was low enough you’d swear it was about to snow.

Granted, I’d seen that there was a wind advisory, but the Weather Channel app promised me a high of 65! YOULIEDWEATHERCHANNEL. It stayed below 50 degrees max the whole time we were there. And let’s just say we weren’t properly attired for the occasion. (Read: we were too cold to stand outside long enough to get a photo of the three of us.) Coincidentally, we also noticed lots of people with Julian sweatshirts – so at least we weren’t the only ones surprised by the weather. :)

Anyways, this is a super long build up story to explain why I have so few photos of the town and most of them were taken inside. Therefore, a trip back is a must! But we did see a few sights, at least…

We started off with lunch right away at the Julian Cafe and Bakery.

Ellingsen Photography Julian Cafe and Bakery Exterior

There was a bit of a wait but it was peak lunch hour, so no complaints here. We managed to squeeze into the teensy waiting area to stay out of the cold, and watched many others turn away when they realized there was no room to wait inside. Poor things!

Pardon the graininess – it was seriously dark in there. But isn’t their centerpiece organizer cute?

Ellingsen Photography Julian Cafe and Bakery Centerpiece

After lunch we wandered around the main part of town, which naturally included a stop at the Candy Basket to load up on old timey sweets (I’m a sucker for taffy), and then we headed to the Old Julian Book House since we’re all major bookworms. Bonus: it’s in an old Victorian-style home!

Ellingsen Photography Old Julian Book House

He had an amazing collection of old, new and rare books but I managed to restrain myself (this time) – my bookshelves are overloaded as it is.

Ellingsen Photography Old Julian Book House Interior

We also made time for the Pioneer Museum, which I think was my favorite part of the day. The $3 donation was well worth it. It’s located in what was the blacksmith’s shop for many years.

Ellingsen Photography Julian Pioneer Museum

This place is chock FULL of treasures, many of which should really be behind glass. They could easily expand into a location twice the size and still need room. Anyone researching the gold rush time period should stop here! Their vintage camera collection was awesome and their lace collection was gorgeous – supposedly the largest west of the Mississippi.

We wandered around town a bit more before crying uncle and heading to the warmth of the car.

Ellingsen Photography Julian California
Ellingsen Photography Julian California Historical Society

We also tried to explore the Julian Pioneer Cemetery, but being that it’s still an active one and it was the day before Memorial Day, we decided to respect the privacy of those that were paying their respects and save that for another day.

So where should we go next, girls? I’m feeling the itch for another day trip!