IGCA Rescue :: Bennie

Before I tell you all about the cuteness that is Bennie, here’s a little story about the Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue organization…

Way back in ancient times (circa 2008), my ex and I started the search for another Italian Greyhound. We knew we didn’t want to go to any pet stores (for these reasons) and getting one from a breeder is insanely expensive and pretty much pointless if you’re not going to show the dog. So after a little Googling, we found the IGCA has a fantastic rescue program that fosters the rescues in actual homes until they can be placed with a new family. The local area rep even comes to meet with you in person and make sure your home will be okay. Italian Greyhounds (or Iggies) aren’t your average pup in many ways, so I love that there’s an organization that helps facilitate proper adoptions of this awesome breed.

At any rate, at the time they didn’t have an Iggy that met our particular needs, and we wound up finding Dante soon after at the SBACC, thanks to a tip from a friend who volunteered there. Although we didn’t wind up going through them, the IGCA has always been at the back of my mind. I started my photography volunteering with the SBACC, and now that I’m in the groove with them it occurred to me that I might reach out to the local IGCA rep about doing the same for them.

So all that led to me taking a little road trip down to south Orange County earlier this month to spend some time with Bennie, a super affectionate little two-year-old. The IGCA saved him from a local shelter, and his foster mama was proud to report how much better he looks than when they first got him. He’s super playful (I’d forgotten how energetic they can be at that age!) but in typical greyhound fashion takes lots of naps too.

I love when dogs have color patches around their eyes, don’t you?

Ellingsen Photography IGCA Rescue Italian Greyhound Adoptable-Bennie
Ellingsen Photography IGCA Rescue Italian Greyhound Adoptable-Bennie

Bennie isn’t up on the website yet, so if you’re interested you can contact Roxann, the local rep, at To see more pups available in California, click here.

I can’t say enough about how excited I am to get to work with more Iggies this year. It was so weird, seeing all these oddly-colored Dantes running around! ;)