10 Things

The weather here is starting to feel like spring, and I’m trying to ignore the fact that we’re two months into the year and focus on a renewed sense of self. What is it about joining a new online dating site that makes you reevaluate your whole life while trying to fill in those “about me” boxes? At any rate, here’s what’s been making me happy / thankful lately…

1. Walks around the lake. My neighbors told me about a shortcut that we can take to avoid the busy street that Dante isn’t such a fan of, and now we’ve been walking there and back almost every day. There’s always lots of people fishing and walking their dogs, and Dante loves lunging at watching all the birds.

Ellingsen Photography Lake Walk via Instagram

2. Celebrating Star Wars. My friend Jeff and I spent a day earlier this month exploring the Star Wars exhibit at the Discovery Science Center and watching The Phantom Menace in 3D. It was really a pretty perfect geek-out day. The exhibit is not cheap but so worth it – they had ship models, costumes, Yoda, AT-ATs, and a bunch of fun hands-on things for kids to do. And speaking of the Wars, I think this R2 shirt will be my next geeky purchase!

Ellingsen Photography Instagram Star Wars Day

3. The Oscars. We’ll be having some friends over to watch again this year, and I’m hoping I’ll finally beat Nikki at guessing the most winners! (But don’t bet on me.) We’ll be using these ballots from How About Orange (and probably playing her Oscar bingo game too). I love watching them so much more now that we have a DVR. ;)

4. Snuggling with Dante. It just doesn’t get old. Somehow it never fails to be comforting, especially now when the nights are still chilly. In the summer, I don’t want his blazing hot little body anywhere near me!

Ellingsen Photography Dante in Bed

5. My old, beat up, trusty Converse. I’m wearing them right now, in fact. You just can’t go wrong.

Ellingsen Photography Converse

6. These brilliant words. I first saw this Twain quote on Pinterest, but decided to play with it over one of my photos and put it up on the fridge as a reminder. I think maybe we all have several points in our life where we find out why, don’t you think? That there isn’t only one?

(You can click the photo for a 4×6 downloadable version if you want it!)

7. Cozying up at my desk with a drink and some photo processing. Sometimes it’s kind of like running – it can be tough to put on your shoes and get out the door, but once you’re going you feel awesome about it.

Ellingsen Photography Messy Desk

8. Creatively funny things. Like this Tumblr I just discovered called T-Rex Trying… by Hugh Murphy. It’s hard not to giggle at every one!

9. Shooting more film. I’m halfway through a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 and can’t wait to see the results!

10. Easy plant DIYs. I’m such a plant killer, but I’d really like more greenery indoors and I think even I can handle something like a terrarium! This article at Refinery 29 makes it look so easy.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Macro Dante

I was so excited when my parents gave me the macro lens filters that I was admiring for my birthday, so of course I took them out for a spin as soon as I had a chance. Therefore, please excuse the super low light – I shot these earlier this week before bed, when Dante was all sleepy and trying to go burrow under the covers instead of pose.  :)

Ellingsen Photography Dante Eye Macro Petography
Ellingsen Photography Dante Nose Macro Petography

Full disclosure for my fellow photographers: these are two of about four that I liked out of the roughly 35 shots I took! It’s super difficult to manually focus when you’re shooting at f/1.4 and your eyes are terrible. But it definitely makes it a bigger victory when you get a shot you love! I processed these with one of my favorite B&W action sets, Matchstick by My Four Hens.

Also, the light in my bedroom in the late afternoon is perfect. My ever-ready model agrees.

Ellingsen Photography Dante Italian Greyhound Petography Orange County

Happy weekend everybody! Hope you have a great one!