Lars & Sarah :: Fullerton Engagement Photography

My baby brother is getting married in a month to his love of ten years, on their ten year anniversary (!!) and I couldn't be more excited for them. Getting to know Sarah over the years and watching them grow together has been wonderful. I don't know many couples who survived the many changes that happen to you after high school and throughout your twenties, but they've successfully navigated them together and came out stronger. 

Plus, I'm selfishly thrilled to be gaining my second sister in 6 months. :)

Please to enjoy these photos taken around Fullerton one gorgeous afternoon when I was visiting last fall.

I can't wait to witness, photograph and celebrate their union next month! So much excite!


Melissa & Matt

These two are some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. I've known Melissa since we were in choir together in high school, so for ::ahemhem:: years now, and after going to the same university and having a lot of the same life experiences at the same time, our bond has only grown tighter over the years. When she told me Matt had proposed, I couldn't have been happier! They really bring out the best in each other and manage to make everyone around them feel included in that love. It's amazing to witness, and I can't wait for their wedding in June!

We got together in late October to take full advantage of the fall weather...except it was about 85 degrees that day. But they made it work! I'm in love with how these turned out.

Just a few of my favorites (well, I use the term loosely), taken at the beautiful Oak Park in Anaheim Hills.