Summer Goals 2012

Nothing says summer like fresh basil and mozzarella for homemade pizza, right?  ;)  While I didn’t check off everything from last year’s goals, sharing on the interwebs was definitely a great motivator. So it’s time to revamp for 2012! What’s on your list?

  1. Actually use the community pool
  2. Watch a movie in a park
  3. Go to the dog beach (of course)
  4. Visit the observatory at Mt. Wilson
  5. Go to the Cleopatra exhibit (we did this a few weekends ago, but I swear it was already on my list!)
  6. Order a new swimsuit; most likely reordering this Esther Williams one as it does amazing things for your figure
  7. A weekend getaway in Idyllwild
  8. Learn to cook more dishes
  9. Go to a pick-your-own-whatever-fruit farm
  10. Take the dogs with us to try out dinner at Haven Gastropub (they have a special menu for dogs!)
  11. Visit the Adamson House in Malibu, possibly followed by the Getty Villa since they’re so close