Summer Goals

Ellingsen Photography Summer Goals 2011

When I saw Rachel’s recent blog entry about their trip to the river, she mentioned having an official summer to-do list. I’ve always had things that I wanted to do each summer, but it never occurred to me to memorialize them for all the interwebs to see. Besides, this way I’m more likely to actually do them all. :)

So here you go, interwebs! I suppose I use the word “goals” loosely. Some of them tie in with my upcoming move, most are just for fun. And that’s the way it should be, right? I’ve crossed off the few I’ve already accomplished, but I’m sure there’ll be repeats as summer progresses (in SoCal it really goes through September, dontcha know).

  1. The dog beach, at least twice
  2. A concert in the park
  3. At-home BBQs
  4. Cherry limeades from Sonic
  5. Movie under the stars
  6. Hiking with the dogs
  7. Build myself a padded headboard
  8. Sign up at our local library (will have to wait ‘til we move in next month)
  9. Make my own sugar scrub (this recipe looks pretty good)
  10. Swim in a pool
  11. See Josh Groban live (okay, I’m cheating a little, Nikki and I have tickets for next month’s Staples Center show)
  12. Have mom teach me to make Norwegian pancakes from scratch
  13. Visit the tide pools at sunset

So who wants to go with? :)


P.S. For my fellow font-hoarders, I used Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck, my new favorite. Photo is by me (shocker) of my dad’s patio lights.