SBACC Adoptables :: September

On a recent and super hot Sunday, Sarah and I headed out to the shelter for another round of snuggles dog portraits. This round of pups seem to all be ridiculously photogenic! And the one good thing about the heat is it leads to lots of “smiling”, aka panting.  :)

First up is Babs, a gorgeous black lab mix who’s the epitome of a labrador – happy and friendly with everybody!

Next up is Carli, a cattle dog mix that also gets along great with people and other pups. We loved her super soft fur too.

Chewy is a teensy snuggly chihuahua. Don’t let that mournful expression fool you! He loves lap sitting, naturally, and gets along great with other dogs too.

The youngest of the bunch, Dodger is a terrier mix that’s just as fun as his expression shows! Just 10 months, he’s a high-energy puppy but still very well behaved for his age. Such a sweetheart!

Delilah is a charming little terrier mix with a fauxhawk, who’s very bonded with her roomie Gabby.

Mister Joe is one of the cutest poodle mixes we’ve ever met! His smile had nothing to do with the heat, he just loves to be around people.

Joy is a chipper Papillion mix who just loves being cuddled! And really, who doesn’t love floppy little ears like hers?

Noah is very calm and relaxed for a pup who’s only 11 months! This guy could probably snuggle all day.

Pinto is by far one of the sweetest pit bulls I’ve ever met (and they’ve all been sweet!). He loves to play fetch and the water, so he’d be a great companion for someone who loves the beach! He’s only about 11 months and already responds well to several commands. I mean, come ON with the cuteness.

Rascal is another pup that is killing me with his cuteness. Just look at that happy face! He’s a five year old Maltese that really reminds me of Jasmine Star’s dog Polo.

Reecie is a West Highland Terrier mix that came to the shelter with some pretty bad skin issues. He’s doing much better now, but may always have some bald spots. You’d think that would put a damper on his spirit, but no! This guy loves to socialize.

Last but certainly not least is Tag. We think he’s a Spitz mix, but I think of him more like a Pixar creation or a stuffed animal. Just look at that face! He makes everyone want to snuggle with him constantly.

As always, if you or anyone you know is looking, please have them head to the SBACC before they go anywhere else! If you’re looking for ways to get involved but don’t have much time, the annual Wag N’ Walk event is coming up (check out photos from last year), or you can donate via Paypal, or you can take a look at their wish list and see if you have anything stashed in the garage that they could use. :)