SBACC Adoptables :: October

Although we’re several days into November already, since I photographed these cuties one perfect fall day last month, I’m going to call them my October babies, m’kay? Good. Naturally, all of them loved Sarah, so get ready for lots of snuggle photos.

First up is Bailey, an older beagle lady who gets along well with everybody. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a dog who stood pigeon-toed, and don’t even get me started on the floppy ears. Be still my heart!

And then we have Carmella, a gorgeous brindle boxer-shar-pei mix who’s miss happy-go-lucky!

Oh, and she might think she’s a lap dog. ;)

We’re 99% sure Lily and Luther are brother and sister (I mean really, you can hardly tell them apart!). They were found together, and if they’re ever walked separately they spend the whole time looking for the other, so we’re hoping these gorgeous German Shepherds can find a home together. Lily is pictured first:

We’re not really sure what calm Marcello is a mix of, but don’t let the white whiskers fool you – he’s only three! One thing is for sure – he loves to snuggle.

Picasso II – or as I like to call her, Picasso 2.0 – is twelve but you would never know it. Just look at that charming smile!  She was so happy just to hang out, I know she won’t be at the shelter very long.

And then there was Sarah the pittie (not to be confused with human Sarah who helps me snuggle/corral/pose all the pups). We may or may not have spent an inordinate amount of time with this sweet girl, because she just emanated happiness. I find most dogs to be naturally happy creatures, but this girl…this girl is special. She loves the camera (and belly rubs).

She also loves the sun, and plopped right down in the dirt first thing, with a look of such content that Sarah and I couldn’t help but let her have a few moments to soak it up.

Is it possible for a dog to look right into your soul? Because I think she does.

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you’ve made the rounds of setting all your clocks back by now, and as always if you or anyone you know is thinking about adding to their furry family, please send them to the Seal Beach Animal Care Center first!