SBACC Adoptables :: November

I may be completely biased, but I don’t think there’s been a single dog we’ve worked with at the shelter that I haven’t found totally adorable. Granted, some may love my camera more than others, but can you blame them? People are just like that too.  :) The pups we worked with last weekend were no exception.
First up is Brownie, a sweet and cuddly little chihuahua mix the color of caramel. He’s great with other dogs!

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Brownie


Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Brownie (2)

And then there’s Charlie, a terrier mix who loves laps. :) (It had gotten really chilly last weekend, so a lot of the dogs had sweaters on while in the outside runs during the day.)

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Charlie

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Charlie (2)

Mister Clark is a Lhasa Apso mix and bears a striking resemblance to my family’s old dog, Teddy, who passed earlier this year. It was uncanny, right down to the way he walks! I just love that little faux-hawk that pops up in the breeze.

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Clark

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Clark (2)

Miss Maisy is a sweetheart of a shepherd mix, and cuddly too! She’s just a year old and already starting to learn some commands.

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Maisy

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Maisy (2)

Picasso and Matisse are a special pair who have been the resident office dogs at the shelter for quite some time. They’re getting older, but they still love to go on walks and snuggle, and I’m sure they’ll eventually be paired with just the right family.

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Picasso & Matisse

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Picasso & Matisse (2)

Speaking of cute snugglers, this is Prancer, a rat terrier who thought it was way too bright outside. ;)

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Prancer

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Prancer

And here’s Snowball, a beautiful all-white beagle mix. Just look at those soulful eyes! And yes, his ears really are as soft as they seem.

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Snowball

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Snowball (2)

Now let me tell you about Big Boy, because he’s got a bit of a special story. He arrived at the shelter with an old injury to his front left leg that had never been properly taken care of, so he was basically walking on the top of his paw. After multiple vet visits and attempts to correct it, the vet has determined that he’ll be better without his injured leg. After all the happy three-legged dogs I’ve seen, I’m sure he’ll be just fine, but he’ll definitely need a special home that will help him with the transition and make sure he’s taken care of from here on out!

And really, with his happy-go-lucky labrador demeanor, I’m sure he’ll find a caring family in no time. Just look at that smile!

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Big Boy (2)

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Big Boy

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Big Boy (3)

That does it for this edition folks! Hope you’ll share with friends if you hear they’re looking for a new family member.