SBACC Adoptables :: May

It was another group of sweethearts for Sarah and I one overcast day at the shelter recently. You’d think I would have learned by now to not bother showering before I go, because inevitably I wind up covered in dog fur and slobber and dirt from all the cuddles and playtime and have to shower all over again when I get home. :)

Miss Blanca here is a super happy-go-lucky purebred Boxer. She plays well with big and small dogs alike (her roomie is Paul, below, to give you an idea) and loves going on walks and sunbathing. And she kinda likes her ball. :)

Carson is a spunky terrier mix who’s just a year and a half. I think he’d be fantastic at doing agility or some kind of activity that gets him out there and using up that energy. He’s great with kids and other dogs, and gives good snuggles. (Who else now thinks of the butler from Downton Abbey when they hear the name Carson?) :)

Also, if you ever wanted to know how I get a ball-motivated pup’s attention (we usually don’t do treats because some have special dietary needs):

Jack is your classic JRT – infectiously happy and ready to go anywhere with you! He gets along with literally everybody, including cats. His human passed away recently, poor thing!

Mister Paco is an older pup at nine years, but that just means no potty training! He’s pretty darn popular with the volunteers since he’s such a good walker and cuddler. Love those floppy grey ears!

Sarge wasn’t the biggest fan of my camera that day, so you’ll have to check out this photo from a recent adoption event to believe me when I say he has the cutest grin! You’d never guess this sweet boy is five years old, I guess that Doxie/Chihuahua mix is a youthful combo.

And finally we have Stella (which, if you've ever seen “Streetcar”, you know you’re reading it more like STEL-LA!). This pretty girl was found as a stray and looks like she had some rough times in her past, but you’d never know it from how trusting she is with everyone. And how cute are those bat wing ears?

Hope you’re all having an awesome week, and please share/link if someone you know is looking for a new furry family member!