SBACC Adoptables :: May

There were so many great new pups at the shelter this month, I’m just going to get right to them! Sarah and I went home very sweaty and dusty (and significantly furrier) afterwards, but with big smiles after meeting these characters.

This is Eddie. Oh, Eddie. He is the biggest sweetheart, and you can’t help but love his slightly crossed blue eyes. Combine that with his crazy-curly whiskers and lolling tongue, and you’ve got a movie character right there! (Forgive his fur, he had been playing in the mud before we got to him!)

Flori is a border terrier/chihuahua mix, and looks like a little fox, don’t you think? She just wanted to hunker down in Sarah’s lap for a nap.

Mister Gulliver the shih tzu is nine years old, but you’d never know it! He was a bit shy of my camera, but oh so sweet.

Harris is a young spaniel mix with the best smile! He came to the shelter with a skin issue, but it’s really healing up nicely.

Hazel might be giving Harris a run for his money with her smile! She’s an Aussie cattle dog mix and reminds me of a big teddy bear. Can’t you just see her being a toddler’s BFF?

Henry is a terrier mix, and mister happy-go-lucky. He’ll make a super loyal companion – preferably in your lap!

Lester is a charming little min pin mix – and those ears! You guys know I’m a sucker for big bat ears.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a puggle that wasn’t cute, and Simba is no exception. He’s still a puppy at 11 months, but he was so well behaved with us!

Sparky is a spaniel and shar-pei mix, and what a cuddle butt he is!

Sylvester the hound mix is a big charmer, but very very shy of my camera. I’m surprised I even got this shot!

Tyson is a corgi/chihuahua mix that turned out basically like a mini short-haired corgi, and it’s just too adorable! At least he’ll fit better in your lap, right?

And last but not least is Miss Winnie, the Australian Shepherd mix. Isn’t her brindle coat just gorgeous? And yes, she’s just as friendly as she looks.

I hope you’ll take a moment and share a link to this post if you’re in the area! Until next time…