SBACC Adoptables :: March

On a blustery recent Saturday Sarah and I headed over to the shelter for some photos, and I fell in love. Not that I haven’t wanted to bring some of these pups home before, but this was different. I felt exactly what all my compatriots at HeARTs Speak talk about all the time, and what I’m sure what volunteers at shelters and rescue nonprofits also go through regularly – that wish of “If only I had a home with a giant backyard and lots more money, then…” But we (usually) don’t, and so we continue contributing in whatever ways we can in order to help these awesome dogs find new homes.

I won’t tell you which particular pup I fell in love with, so as not to prejudice you. I will say that it was a type of dog I wouldn’t have initially thought about for myself, but after photographing and playing with her I didn’t want to put her back. Which just goes to show, once again, that when you’re looking for a new furry family member you just can’t listen to all the “What’s Your Breed?” junk on the internet. Just go, play with them, see how they are around you, and watch if you don’t go and fall in love with the one you wouldn’t have expected.

First up is Blitz, and I have to confess that Sarah and I had a bit too much fun playing with his fur. :) But he was a very good sport about it. Such a charmer and very active – you’d never guess he’s 10!

Then we have Buddy, who I’m thinking may have some dachshund or something mixed in with terrier? He’s got a touch of that barrel chest and short legs. A very soulful and sweet cuddler.

Miss Daisy 2 is an extremely friendly Min Pin/chihuahua mix who just gets along great with everybody! She really loved Sarah’s lap. :)

Grant was found as a stray but that hasn’t affected his behavior one bit. He’s great with kids and other dogs alike, and pretty much everyone at the shelter loves him. Can you say no to a pup with a split ear?

We can’t forget about Madeleine, who is in love with tennis balls and has the cutest faux hawk you ever did see. Her fur is making me think there’s some cairn terrier in there somewhere – it may look wiry, but it’s super soft! She’s just 9 months old and with a bit of training could easily have a career in Hollywood, she’s such a ham!

And rounding out the bunch is Patience, a sweet chihuahua who loves snuggles and going on walks. She’s just a year old and gets along great with other dogs too!

Anyone care to guess which one I fell in love with? :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Friday With Dante will return next week – this post was supposed to go up yesterday but I was waylaid by a migraine, and I wanted to get this up ASAP in order to spread the word about these awesome dogs.