SBACC Adoptables :: March

It was a perfect balmy afternoon when Sarah and I made a trip to the shelter earlier this month, and when you combine that with some awesome happy dogs, made for a perfect way to spend a couple hours.

First to the plate is Buddy, a terripoo. This sweet lap sitter came in to the shelter with his fur pretty knotted up, but he looks so much better now, don’t you think?

Butler here reminds me so much of a gray version of Jim from Mike and Molly, it’s uncanny! Anyone else watch that show? Anyway, Butler has a similar calm personality, and laid right out for belly rubs when he was in Sarah’s lap.  :)

Jackie is far and away one of the sweetest German Shepherds I’ve ever met. She let us snuggle and hug her as much as we liked, and Sarah and I really didn’t want to leave her! Jackie would be especially perfect for a family with kids or maybe a veteran.

Miss Lola here may get the song in your head (apologies), but she’ll make up for it with her sweetness. She’s a bit roly-poly right now, but loves to walk and just needs a home where her humans will exercise and feed her properly!

Louie may look like a pint-sized rottweiler, but he’s actually a min pin / doxie mix. Such a handsome devil! And great with people too.

Mr. E is a chi mix who’s still getting used to regular attention. And you know I’m a sucker for big batwing ears!

Muttley (I just love that name!) is a shepherd / shar pei mix who’s surprisingly calm for being only seven months old. His cute little fold-over ears and that super soft fur had me petting him in between shots.

Olive is the matriarch of this group at eight years old, but I would have never have guessed it! Unlike my dog, she’s got hardly any grey at all. Lucky girl! ;)

Peepers and Kane are a bonded pair that are just too cute together. These little ones have been through a lot but I know they’ll give back just as much love to whomever takes them home.

Oh, Skippy, you and your underbite crack me up! This charming Cairn Terrier has overcome the infection that he arrived with and is doing much better.

And now we’ve made it through the alphabet to Winston. This beagle is an older gentleman but very distinguished by his age…except when I catch him in the act of flipping his ear. Too cute, right?

Hopefully you’ll take a moment and share a link if you know anyone looking to add to their family!