SBACC Adoptables :: July

The latest arrivals at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center are all snugglers – Sarah and I were in hog heaven!  :)

Annie is a super sweet Lab/Saint Bernard mix, who jumped right up next to Sarah on the bench. She has what my family calls “gorilla eyes” – very intelligent and soulful.

Mister Cooper reminds me of a muppet straight out of Labyrinth or something, especially with those big bushy eyebrows! Such a cutie!

Dodger is also a lab mix, but this time with basset hound. Such a happy boy! He gets along fantastically with people and other dogs too. He just curled right up with his head in Sarah’s lap. How can you not love him?

Murphy is a sweet little chihuahua that just wanted to snuggle. He was found wandering alone, and he’s only a year old!

Miss Schautzy is a lovely Husky mix who only wound up at the shelter because her human passed away. She is super calm and affectionate, and gets along great with other dogs. She has gorilla eyes too, don’t you think?

Fingers crossed that all these awesome dogs find forever homes soon! Please do them a favor and share a link to this post if you know someone who’s looking!