SBACC Adoptables :: January

There are a few new faces at the shelter that I’d like to introduce you all to, because they’re adorable and need of a good home!

First up is Chaucer, a big strong boy who’s still in that floppy puppy stage. Such a sweetheart, but veeery focused on his ball and not on me. :)

Patsy and Lindsay are gorgeous spaniel mixes who came in together and are most likely sisters. They were a bit shy at first, but warmed up to us pretty quickly. Look at those sweet smiles!

Last but not least are Cali and Gypsy. These beautiful girls were found living together in a shipping container at the port, can you believe it? I photographed them separately but ideally we’d love for these bonded babes to go home together.

Gypsy was too funny, she just plopped right down next to Sarah and gave me The Look.

Cali is all smiles in the classic Border Collie way. I just loved her cute spotted paws! I’m thinking maybe there’s some spaniel in there?

Fingers crossed all of these lovely pups find a home soon – please share if someone you know is looking!