Reading, Watching, Listening

Finding new music and reading through the stack of new books I got for Christmas have been super helpful in keeping my energy and productivity up. Isn’t it amazing what a new playlist can do? Especially for all my peeps who are also constantly at the computer.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge bookworm (are you on Goodreads too?), and I always have a couple books that I’ll read concurrently.

Ellingsen Photography Bedside Table Books

The bottom three in that stack are what’s coming up next, and as for what I’ve enjoyed lately…

  • The Scottish Prisoner ~ This was my Christmas book, it was really hard not to get it when it first came out but it was worth the wait! I tore right through it. Gabaldon can do no wrong. It’s unbelievable the amount of research she puts into each novel.
  • Cleopatra ~ I only just started it, but I love that it’s written by someone who actually did research and cites sources – the historian in me is very happy so far. :)
  • A Storm of Swords ~ It’s funny, I tore through the first two books in the series, but I’ve kind of stalled on this one for some reason. I’m sure I’ll circle back around to it eventually, it really is a brilliant series. Looking forward to season two of the show!

My mom and I had a girly movie date to see the Iron Lady last weekend, and I’m so glad we did. Now I get why Meryl won the Golden Globe, because her portrayal of a woman suffering from the beginning stages of dementia is amazing. Let alone the whole Maggie Thatcher thing.

Also, who else is stoked for Downton Abbey’s new season? If you haven’t seen it yet, get on that. Older episodes are on Netflix and the new season is amaaaazing, although a bit sad for me because of the portrayal of WWI. My degree is in history, specifically European, and studying WWI was always the most heartbreaking for me. Yes, more people died in WWII, but the way in which soldiers suffered and countries came to grips with modern warfare was simply awful. But enough with Captain Bringdown! Maggie Smith plays a granny who says whatever she wants – that should be enough of a motivator to watch this show. :)


Awesome graphic found here.

I basically owe all my new favorite music to Kate Miss over at For Me, For You. Her taste is impeccable! Lately I can’t stop listening to Florence & The Machine, Feist’s new album, Gotye, Jonsi, and The Civil Wars. Also, these specific songs:

What about you guys? Share your current favorites, I’m always on the lookout! And have a lovely weekend, friends.