Proud Mama

Ellingsen Photography Dante at the Pet Expo

I’m having a huge “proud mama” moment right now, after seeing Dante meet and greet with about, oh, two hundred people or so at the Pet Expo that we worked yesterday. I’ve taken him to parties and charity walks and other such gatherings with lots of people, but never this kind of setting where everyone came to us and we had to be social the entire time. As we made our way to the IGCA booth (in one of the giant buildings at the fairgrounds with a ton of other exhibitors and rescue organizations) he was a bit freaked out by the crowds and really clung to me when I picked him up to keep him from getting trampled. But once we got to our booth, where he could be off leash and play with the other Italian Greyhounds, he was back to his normal social self.

They had a little low fence between our table and the next so that people could easily come up and see the dogs, and Dante was right there, with his tail wagging, nearly the entire time. Everyone that came by was so sweet and just loved petting him and getting kisses. The only weird moment for me was when one woman picked him up while my head was turned, before I could stop her! Hey lady, if it’s not acceptable to go around picking up stranger’s children…

At any rate, it was wonderful to be able to chat with other IG parents and see Dante play, and to help the organization spread awareness about the breed. I wound up talking to a lot of young couples and families, and I hope I helped them decide on their future pet! The Expo was insanely packed, which is great, but it also meant I just barely had time to snap the photo on the left with my phone, and that was about it.

Dante was asleep by the time I pulled out of the parking lot (see the photo above), and my cheeks hurt from smiling, but I think we both went to bed feeling pretty great. Looking forward to next year!