Planning for a Real Home

{Also known as: In Which Nikki and I FREAK OUT About Becoming Adults}
So the big news of the week is that the bank finally approved Nikki’s paperwork, so she’s officially in escrow!! (For those of you just joining us, it’s been an epic adventure for my BFF trying to purchase her first home, a short sale condo. Dante and I will be renting a room.) The place is about as perfect as we could have asked for and we absolutely love the neighborhood.

Shout it with me now: Wooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Ellingsen Photography Trude and Nikki Freak Out

(Or aaaaaaaahhhhhhh run for your liiiiiiiiiiiiife!!)

If all goes well, we close escrow at the end of July. She already had the home inspection done last weekend, which found super minimal things that needed to be done to bring it up to code safety-wise, but other than that it’s looking good! So after a fresh coat of paint all around and new carpet upstairs, it looks like we’ll be moving in around mid-August or so. (You know I’ll be sharing photos then!)

Of course we couldn’t be more excited, but as this will be the first time for either of us actually owning instead of renting (well, she’ll be the owner, but you get what I mean), it’s now time for us to freak. out. about everything that needs to be done and all that we’ll need to stock up on. Even though we’ve both been reading up online and planning and researching since she officially started looking, I think everyone would get that feeling of “OhMyGodIHaveSoMuchToDo!” now that we’ve reached this point. And then, being late-twenty-somethings, we’re both constantly going “Good lord we’re discussing water heaters and sofa fabric. We’re adults!” :)

Between the two of us we’re doing well on some supplies, but others are definitely lacking. At least she found a couch and chair she likes, after we wandered into La-Z-Boy just to butt-test. We’ll also need a fridge, vacuum, new bed and mattress for Nikki, and a grass box for Dante, among other things.

I’ve been pinning and blog reading and reading through my parents’ Consumer Reports like nobody’s business, so here’s some things I’ve found especially helpful or inspiring for n00bs like us (read: newbies in gamer speak), in the hopes that my hours of research will maybe help someone else too. :)

Design Sponge Sneak Peek Alissa Walker

I think Nikki and I would both love to move in to this gorgeous 1940s Silver Lake home (a super cute neighborhood in LA)

Dewdrop & Dahlia Coffee Table Makeover

My New Zealand friend Kathryn did amazing things with this $12 coffee table she found

Live Creating Yourself Home Tour Living Room

Alaina, the blogger behind Live Creating Yourself, recently shared her own home tour and I especially loved how she layered textures and mixed patterns in her living room. The kitchen is gorgeous too!

Smile and Wave Home Tour Master Bedroom

You can’t go wrong with Rachel Denbow’s gorgeous vintage style that’s also budget-friendly. Seriously love her home! And I’m completely addicted to her blog.

Design Sponge Mantel Makeovers

We’ll have a fireplace with a mantle (not so common in sunny Southern California!), so these two mantle makeovers are making me drool

Filing Cabinet Planter Baldmanmod

I don’t know why but I’m dying to do this old-filing-cabinet-into-a-planter DIY

I also have about 496 blog posts from Young House Love saved (as I testified to on Twitter – and they responded!). Seriously, I cannot get enough of their blog because they’re so down-to-earth and self-deprecating and spare no details! Their true step-by-steps and rationale is pretty much exactly the way I think. The following are the ones I keep going back to:

Young House Love Drawer Lining DIY

Lining dresser drawers with pretty wrapping paper and Mod Podge. Lots of great less-permanent ideas in the comments too!

Young House Love Office Progress Getting Wired

Getting wired in the office. The surge protector they went with looks awesome. (Mom! Look at me all adult-y!)

Young House Love Bedroom Curtains

Their big window treatment Q&A post is helping me SO much. The bedrooms in the new place are wide but short, so I’ve been researching options on pretty ways to play those up without losing light. (Fellow photogs will empathize with me – we’re the opposite of vampires. Light! Give me liiiight!”)

Young House Love House Crashing Courtney Little Glass Box

This house walk through they did of the home of blogger Courtney of Little Glass Box, had me super inspired! Love when design doesn’t take itself too seriously. (Sorry for using “of” too many times in one sentence.)

Okay, I’m already exhausted. But still inspired and can’t wait to get this party started! And I have to say a super big thank you to my mom, whom we’ve already started abusing for her interior design training and may-jah skillz. We would be lost without her!

So, homeowners, any tips or insights for us?