One Year Ago

One year ago tomorrow, we were waiting for mom to be released from the hospital (her fourth procedure, trying to fix what the first surgeon botched so badly).
Ellingsen Photography Hipstamatic Hospital Waiting

And now, my parents are heading out to celebrate their 30th anniversary with a trip to one of their favorite places in the world – Santa Ynez! So happy that they’ve splurged on themselves. If anybody deserves a vacation, it’s them.

But alas, that means no Easter dinner for my family, at least not this weekend. But luckily Nikki’s family have offered to take me in so I’ll be stuffing myself silly with their delicious food on Sunday! Yessss…

What do you guys have planned? Anything fun? Nothing at all? Either way I hope your weekend is awesome!

And if you need a little entertainment this afternoon, here’s a few awesome things I’ve seen in blogland: