October Desktop Background

October has been and always will be my favorite month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, but it’s when fall really starts here in SoCal, and I love the change from summer to fall like no other time of year. The smell of it, the colors, the change in the breezes…how can you not love it? I suppose I have a bit more of a positive spin on it than the author of a previous year’s October quote. :)

So when I was once again reading Joss Whedon’s commencement speech to his alma mater Wesleyan this year, his words on the duality of identity – the need to listen to the dissent inside yourself in order to foster growth – really stood out as a perfect match to this shot of the changing leaves on my favorite lake walk from the other day. (I highly recommend you go listen to his speech, or at least read the highlights – so brilliant!)

Ellingsen Photography Free Desktop Background Fall Leaves September 2013-Preview

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Hope you like! I’m so excited by the change in weather, I’m actually blogging for the first time since June. ;) I started a new day job in July that requires quite a lot more from me and keeps me running like crazy, so blogging has taken a definite backseat to that as well as to my reemerging social life. I hope to continue to pop in sporadically as the mood strikes me, but if we aren’t already friends, come say hi on Instagram for more of a regular presence.

Who else is with me on loving October? And Joss Whedon? :)