October Already?

I’m still wondering where September went…as busy as the summer was, it’s like the days of September whizzed by me like in a speeded-up film sequence! I’ve got lots of catching up to do this weekend, and tomorrow Sarah and I are attending the shelter’s annual Wag N’ Walk event. So excited! I’m not entering Dante in the costume competition, but you can bet your sweet smile he’ll be wearing his Super D cape anyway. :)

Amidst the craziness, I did manage to go out this Wednesday when Nancy and I headed up to Beverly Hills for the Design*Sponge book signing event, held at the Anthropologie there (aka Mecca). How shi-shi are we? Yeah…not really. But it was a joy to meet Grace in person and have our books signed (they had a special edition for Anthro with extra content!). I’ve been reading the blog for ages and I’m so glad I got the book! I honestly wasn’t going to at first, but after reading lots of good reviews online and then seeing it in person, how could I not? It’s seriously amazing, 400+ pages of eye candy and tutorials. I really love the way she’s put it all together, and the book design itself is nothing short of gorgeous. If you’re even remotely interested in home design and inspiration, it’s a must-have.

{Traffic on the way (shocker), book signing spot is ready to go, coffee date photo by Nancy}

Big thanks to Nancy for being my date and getting me out of the house, and also to my parents for keeping Dante overnight!

Speaking of blogs, as I was catching up on blog reading this week I found myself saving a ton of posts (mostly fall themed, surprise), so here’s a dump of some of my favorites:

  • Ez’s Pumpkin Soup recipe sounds super delicious
  • And for dessert, maybe a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate using this recipe from A Beautiful Mess?
  • Fantastic Lightroom portrait retouching step-by-step from Clickin Moms – love seeing how other photogs work!
  • Amanda’s latest outfit post had me drooling – the colors, the fit, her gorgeous hair! (Did I verge on creepy there? Sorry.)
  • Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid always keeps me inspired, and I somehow got linked back to her Triangles Nail Tutorial that I’m going to have to try! I’ve always been a solid color kind of girl (albeit I’ll try any color), but this is a nail design I can get behind.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!