May Desktop Background

Happy May Day, peeps! May Grey has already officially set in here (sorry tourists, SoCal isn’t as sunny as you’d think in May and June), so I think that partially inspired me to turn to this photo I took last May. I love the light in it so much, I don’t even care that the rose in the foreground isn’t in focus.  :)

This quote comes from Dorothea Lange, an inspiring documentary photographer (before there really was such a thing), who’s most famous for her photos of the less fortunate during the Great Depression. Even if you don’t know her name, you’ll probably recognize this photo. At any rate, I found this quote in my grandmother’s quote journal and it really struck a chord for me. What do you think? Doesn’t she really nail it on the head?

Ellingsen Photography May 2012 Free Desktop Background preview

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Fonts are Claire Hand by Team Scope and The Only Exception by Kimberly Geswein. Hope you all have a wonderful start to the month!