March Desktop Background

I have to tell you guys I was feeling pretty uninspired to put together this month’s desktop, until last Friday when I saw this quote over on Faded & Blurred’s Five For Friday blog post. So that night on Dante’s regular walk to our local park I brought my camera with me, even though previously I had been leaving it at home, just waiting for daylight savings. But this quote was flashing before my eyes, so I hitched up my big girl panties and forgot about perfect conditions (i.e. light).

And you know what? I wound up absolutely loving the results. This image is far more gloomy and romantic than I usually shoot, and there were even roses already in bloom to lend a pop of color. So thank you, Ms. Sher (and Faded & Blurred), for the kick in the butt I needed.

Ellingsen Photography Free Desktop Background March 2013-Preview

1600 × 1200 • 1680 × 1050 • 1920 × 1080 • 1920 × 1200 • 2560 × 1440

In all my waffling back-and-forth about the font, I’ve completely forgotten what I went with, so just comment if you’d like to know.

Happy Monday, everyone!


P.S. On some of the wider width versions (like 1600 × 1200) you might notice a black blob at the bottom – that would be Dante sniffing around. I didn’t have the heart to clone him out of the image. :)