March Desktop Background

My parents are heading home to Norway for a visit later this month (my dad’s whole side of the family is there, and we lived there until I was four), and lately I’ve found myself suffering from a major case of homesickness. It’s hard to explain how you can feel homesick for a place you left before you started kindergarten, but I absolutely do. Really, Ovid nails it on the head with his quote below.

Growing up my family would go and stay with my grandparents for about a month every other summer, and it was magical. I think maybe more than homesickness, it’s the feeling of comfort and pure happiness that I miss and associate with Norway. Also, it’s a ridiculously beautiful country with warm and friendly people and delicious food. I can’t recommend it as a travel destination enough. My last visit was in 2008, and I’m hopeful that maybe next year I’ll be able to afford the plane ticket!

In the meantime, I’ve been trolling through my photos from last time and just had to use one for this month’s desktop! This is St Olav’s church (built in the 16th century) at Avaldsnes, a place from which the kings of old governed. We visited there the last time – the cultural center is absolutely amazing – and then I shot this as we passed it again while on the boat to Bergen.

Ellingsen Photography March 2012 Desktop-Preview

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Where do you get homesick for?


P.S. Arrow brush by Photoshop Ranger (aka Brie Alsbury).

P.P.S. If you want to see more of Norway, here’s a Pinterest board I started and here’s a bunch of my photos from 2008. I also highly recommend the Netflix series Lilyhammer, it’s hysterical!

P.P.P.S. My parents are amazing for making trips home to Norway a priority when I was growing up. The End. (for reals this time)