Lady With the Green Nails

Last Sunday would have been my grandmother’s eighty-second birthday. Cancer finally took her in 2000 and she is still fiercely missed.

Grandma Gambling at the Races 1976

For at least the last 20 years of her life, she nearly always wore this particular shade of green nail polish. To many in the world of Arabian horse breeding, she was the Lady with the Green Nails (she and my grandfather bred them in their retirement, after bringing a few home from Egypt in the late 70s). I can still remember watching her apply a fresh coat when she was visiting us in California. No surprise where I get it from!

Love this shot of her with me, my brothers and our cousins in 1993. Don’t you just love our mid-90s fashion?

My mom and I paid tribute to her last year, and I’m wearing green again this year. :) (SpaRitual polish in Rhythm of Life, which I’ve found is a much better match than what’s pictured below.)

But what I didn’t share last year was some of her photography, particularly what she took while they were living in Cairo in the 70s. I mention a lot that she’s my inspiration when it comes to photography. I grew up watching her (as well as my dad and my aunt) always with a camera in hand, and her photos of my mother riding are all over the house (she rode the aforementioned Arabians, competing in dressage and jumping). We’ve got boxes and boxes of her photos, and little by little my mom and I have been scanning them in and working to preserve them. Some of my favorites are what’s framed on the walls of my parents’ home, so it’s just a matter of getting them down and scanning them all in one go.

Here’s just a little sampling of what she shot in Egypt. I particularly love her black and white work.

Yup, that’s my mom in the last one. :)

I just hope she’s looking down with pride at what I’m doing with photography now. Miss you all the time, grandma!


P.S. I’ve been down with a migraine for two days; I had hoped to post this on her actual birthday. I’ll see you guys back here after Thanksgiving, as I’m taking tomorrow off to help my parents get ready. Happy Turkey Day to all my fellow Americans!