June Desktop Background

The bougainvillea has been blooming like crazy around here; it just loves the SoCal weather and landscapers seem to use it everywhere. I’ve always been drawn to the color and the tissue-paper-ness of the petals.

I was also drawn to this quote from Christie’s An Autobiography, which has been patiently sitting in my Amazon wish list for quite some time. I’m such a huge fan of her work, and this outlook on life pretty much sums up my own. No matter how bad things get, eventually I take a step back and remind myself that I’m lucky to even be able to have a bad time; I’m lucky to just be breathing.

Ellingsen Photography Free Desktop Background June 2013 Web Preview

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What do you guys think? Agree with her? Have anything blooming around you that always makes you think of late spring/early summer?


P.S. Font is Pea Snoflake by Kevin & Amanda.