July Desktop Background

So I was sitting here, trying to find the right quote to go with the right image (from my trip to Norway, of course), when I finally realized what to do. Keep it simple. So I went with the mantra I kept repeating to myself while we were there, because I'd get so excited about what we were doing and start worrying that I wouldn't capture all the beauty I was seeing. There were a couple times I had to make myself take a step back, lower the camera away from my face, and just take some deep breaths and enjoy what was happening.

I can't be alone in this weird anxiety, right? It sure seems like living in/for the moment is something we all work on.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy. So much more to come from that trip. :)

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Past July desktops: 2012 

For those of you in the States, hope you have a wonderful long weekend!


P.S. The lovely font is Egregio Script by Fonts Cafe.