I Heart Faces :: Pet Photo Challenge

This week over at I Heart Faces the theme is pets, so of course I had to participate!  :)  This is actually a film scan. I’ve been playing around with my dad’s old Nikon FM pretty regularly, just for fun, and the thrill of a different shutter sound and not immediately knowing the results is incredibly addictive.

I ordered a big 10×20 print of this one and can’t wait to get it hung up in my new place! Something about Dante’s expression and the unexpected light leak at the bottom (thanks to idiot me accidentally opening it up before winding the film all the way) just draws me in.

Ellingsen Photography Dante Tmax 35mm Film

Nikon FM, 50mm lens, T-max 400 film

Are you participating in this week’s challenge? Link me up! If you’re just starting out or need fresh inspiration, I Heart Faces is a fantastic resource.