Here Comes Summer

Summer is pretty much here (it’s supposed to be 80 degrees again today), and I’m eagerly awaiting the deliciousness that is fresh tomatoes off the vines in my parents’ backyard.

Ellingsen Photography Moms Tomato Vine

Once they’re ripe (in the summer), I love to go pick a handful and throw them in a bowl with a Persian cucumber chopped up and some Vidalia onion vinaigrette. Yummm…

My parents are both amazing gardeners – mom has a magic thumb with succulents and the vegetable patch, and my dad’s roses are in full bloom all across the front yard right now.

Ellingsen Photography Moms Seedling Labels

Speaking of the front yard, I grabbed some shots last week of my parents’ decorations for Syttende Mai:

Ellingsen Photography Syttende Mai Norway National Day 2011 Decorations

Happy Huldra here (named for the Norwegian mythical creature) is a stone troll my parents had shipped home from Norway; she was made by a well-known Stavanger artist who passed a few years back. They’ve collected several of his awesome trolls – he used a formula that makes them slightly sparkly and I believe the story is the recipe died with him.

Anyway, dad dressed her up and of course put out as many flags as possible. Dante could care less. ;)

Hope all you US kids have a wonderful long holiday weekend! Any fun plans? I’ve got a crazy schedule going – a vintage sale Saturday morning (mistakenly thought it was last weekend), photographing a new pharmacy my mom helped design, the aforementioned day trip with the girls Sunday and then Monday we’re doing a joint Mothers-and-Fathers-Days BBQ.

Woohoo for the start of summer!