Happy Syttende Mai!

Ellingsen Photography Stavanger Harbor Norway Norge

Today is Norway’s National Day, the day a new constitution was signed in 1814 that declared Norway an independent nation (even though it was tied to Sweden for almost 100 years after).

For my newer readers, you may not know I was born there and moved to Cali when I was four, and we go back to visit my dad’s side of the family as often as possible. I speak the language (terribly) and technically have dual citizenship.

So just imagine this photo of the Stavanger harbor (that I took in the summer of 2008) shows parades of people dressed up in national costumes and waving flags instead of beach volleyball courts, because I really wish I could be there to celebrate! Instead we’ll be hanging flags and toasting to the motherland’s good health. :)

If I find a photo online of the parade that goes past my grandfather’s flat, I’ll be back to share it! In the meantime I’m enjoying watching these photos of celebrations in and around my family’s hometown, Stavanger.