Happy Birthday Mindy!

Dear Melinda / Mindy / Min / Girl With the Mona Lisa Smile:
You are so beautiful, kind, smart and creative, that I thank my lucky stars we’re friends. (You would totally kick my ass if we were enemies.)

Ellingsen Photography Mindy's Birthday Best Friends

Having you for a flatmate in London (waaaaay back in 2004) was the best part of that trip. Remember how we finally got to talking and discovered we both loved the Amelia Peabody series and museums? After that, it was history. (BaDUM dum dum. I’m hilarious.) Especially once you met Nikki and Katie and fit in perfectly, making our threesome an even four.

Since then we’ve traveled together, shopped together, seen a million movies and shared hundreds of drinks. Never mind supported each other through our trials and celebrated every triumph.

Ellingsen Photography Mindy's Birthday Best Friends

Your quiet, quick wit never fails to crack me up and your creativity and depth of knowledge inspire me.

Ellingsen Photography Mindy's Birthday Best Friends-3

Hope you have the happiest of birthdays! I love you SO much.


P.S. We need to renew our Disneyland passes. That cotton candy photo needs to happen again.