Happy Birthday Grandma Glowin!

My BFF’s grandma, known as Grandma Glowin, turned eighty-nine years old yesterday. She’s been something like a surrogate grandmother for me, because my grandmas have both passed and never lived nearby to begin with. She can cuss like a sailor, still lives alone just fine and makes dinner for the whole family every Friday night. I adore her. And not just because every time I go over she tells me I’m too skinny and tries to stuff me full of food. :) As Nikki said the other night, “It’s ridiculous. She doesn’t look a day over 65.”
Ellingsen Photography Grandma Glowin Dancing Family

While we were taking some family photos on Easter, I turned to find her and Nikki dancing together to the big band music they had playing all afternoon. They do this often. Let’s pretend I didn’t tear up a bit watching their amazing relationship, k?

I hope I’m this awesome when I’m her age.

Happy weekend! More photos from that day coming next week…


P.S. How gorgeous was Kate’s dress today? So perfectly Grace-Kelly-esque, right?