Happy Birthday Dante!

My baby is five years old today! {Well, as far as I’m concerned he’s five, because I count his birthday from his adoption day. He was found on the mean streets of Seal Beach before he was taken in by the shelter.}

Anyways, I’m such a proud mama and can’t believe he’s FIVE! :) We’ve come a long way in our three years together and taught each other so much. I never expected to have such a learning relationship with a pet, but somehow Dante has managed to teach me while he weaseled his way into my heart.

Looking back over the ridiculous amount of photos I’ve taken of him in the past year, I think the one above is my absolute favorite, if I had to pick one. But of course I can’t pick just one! Here’s my handsome man over the last 365 days…

And here he is last night, on the eve of his big day, where he’s been much of 2011 thus far – snuggling in bed with my dad while he recuperates from back surgery. (And getting petted all the time.) He’s a good butt warmer. :)

So do you guys celebrate your pets’ birthdays? Dante is getting a special dinner of hot dogs tonight and got his new collar a few weeks ago, because I can’t help myself. :) (And I’m thinking about going back for the matching leash…too much?)