Happy Anniversary Giveaway!

It’s officially been a year since I launched my website and business, and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway? I really want to give back to those who have been so supportive of me, both in person and here on the interwebs.

Winner(s) will receive:

  • A two hour photo session with moi, at the location of their choice
  • DVD of at least 20 high-res images
  • 11 × 14 print

Now here’s the fun part – for me, anyway! To enter, email trude@ellingsenphoto.com a photo of you / your pet / your family, along with a short message about why you deserve to win. Have you only ever been to Sears photo studio? Have you added family members (four or two legged) recently? Are you newly engaged? Have your kids finally lost their patience with your constant avoidance of any portraits that include you? Dish, friend!  :)

I’ll be back with a blog post showcasing all the entries and whomever gets the most votes (via blog comments) is the winner! You can send everyone you know to vote for you, but please only one comment per person (honesty please, karma is a beeotch).

You must send in your entry by Tuesday, February 28th at midnight PST. I’ll blog the entries on March 1st and voting will run through the 5th at midnight PST. Winner will be announced March 6th!

The Rules:

  1. You must love photos
  2. You must love each other

Okay, okay, seriously this time:

  1. Entries from those living outside Southern California are acceptable, but you are responsible for coming here or shipping me to you! (By plane, not parcel post, preferably.)
  2. By entering, you grant permission to Ellingsen Photography to use your image and entry story on this blog for promotional use. Your session will also be featured on this blog.
  3. Maximum of six persons or pets for the session.

Good luck and I can’t wait to read your entries! And thanks especially to my close friends and family for putting up with a camera constantly in their faces and me going on ad nauseum about f-stops and good light.