Friday With Dante

There was lots of snuggling on this past Sunday as Dante and I hid from the cold snap and watched the Golden Globes while I nursed a bit of a migraine. Of course as soon as I get up, he’s right into my spot and laying on his side in the hopes of getting belly rubs.

Dante the Lazy Italian Greyhound in Bed by Ellingsen Photography

Some goodies I found in the webby world this week:

  • An amazing sci-fi short film done by a 22-year-old that, unsurprisingly, has gotten everyone’s attention.
  • Big thanks to my friend Ami for introducing me to Humans of New York. It’s exactly the kind of photo + word combo that I love. (And if you’re in the Seattle area, she’s an amazingly talented photographer herself.)
  • I’m a total font hoarder, and this list of 25 Romantic Fonts (most of them free) by A Subtle Revelry led me to some gorgeous ones I hadn’t seen before!
  • This post on Movie Bingo Night from Design*Sponge has some free downloads to help you throw your own. I can’t wait to play!

This weekend will see me at the shelter catching up on new arrivals and doing some retail therapy with my mom. :) Last weekend’s CrockPot adventure was Chicken Tortilla Soup and it was sooo good – and really low-cal too! I think I’ll try another recipe from the Table For Two blog, because so far she hasn’t let me down. This one for CrockPot Beef and Broccoli is calling my name.

What are you guys up to? Any fun links to share?