Friday With Dante

The best news of the week, in case you missed it – Dante is free and clear! Clean bill of health! His smile was as big as it usually is at the dog beach when we left the vet. :)

Ellingsen Photography Dante Italian Greyhound at the Dog Beach

So that means Monday, after coming home, I actually finished a meal and slept through the night. Oh, the ups and downs of being a dog mama.

The other good news of the week – this weekend is going to kick bootay! I’m heading down to San Diego tonight because I’m shooting a lovely wedding tomorrow, which means I get to hang out with my cousin and her hubby (who are graciously housing me), and Sunday one of my anniversary giveaway winners is cashing in, and I can’t wait to photograph them as well!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend too!


P.S. Pro tip: don’t be an idiot like me and turn your back on the ocean (cardinal sin!) to get a photo like this, because you’ll wind up with your jeans soaked up to your knees.